tv meme: five episodes → The Angels Take Manhattan

"There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she’s patient, the days are coming that she’ll never forget. Tell her she’ll go to sea and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who’ll wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived, and save a whale in outer space. Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends."

This is the saddest episode and I still cry everytime. I miss Amy.

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Oh shit…


FUCKIN CORN STARCH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This one wins

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Car ride adventure with my girl @shawnaburkhardt

Car ride adventure with my girl @shawnaburkhardt

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